Bjoern ‘Why’ : It is honest, touching and above all insanely beautiful.

Bjoern / Photo: Martin Wiklund

Linnéa Björn also called Bjoern grew up in Dalarna, Sweden – two small villages called Hedemora and Norberg, where sports and especially cross-country skiing were a natural choice.

Linnéa wanted to be the best, there was no doubt about it. But life took a quick turn. After a heavy period in her youth, she completely changed direction in life. When Linnéa felt the worst, music and creation were what saved her. Her new passion made her apply for the Swedish program ‘Musikmakarna’ where her first single ‘Why’ was written. ‘Why’ is the first taste of Bjoern’s power pop that the world will finally get to hear. It is honest, touching and above all insanely beautiful.

Bjoern is a new voice on the Swedish music scene, a voice we will see a lot of in 2020.

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4 days left. I played ”Hold me” among other songs on my mom’s birthdayparty this winter. It feels so good to finally show her I’m doing what I love. She has been there through times I didn’t think I could find love ever again. She’s been there in times when I didn’t see the point in anything. Even If I couldn’t see it back then I know she always saw my passion and helped me to see it too. In this song I sing about how I couldn’t let the bad habits go. Maybe by letting the song go I finally can break the spell! I’m forever grateful for you mom. Without you I wouldn’t be here❤️This is a little clip from me performing ”Hold me” at her party together with @martindgren ✨

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I just felt a wave of gratitude, excitement, love and hope come over me today. I got some videos and photos @_hummingbirdmusic_ took on my release gig and I could finally take in all of that love we gave that room that night. Wow! I can’t remember the last time that many people where in the same place, sharing their time and love with me and eachother. Thank you for that! It’s been 19 days since the release But it feels like ages ago. Can’t wait to get back on stage. Can’t wait to release more music in the end of March and Can’t wait to feel more love in rooms just like I did that night at @obaren ❤️ ———————————— Thank you @blixtenco @dalapopsweden @lovestreetmusic @obaren @parapix @awal for this amazing start of something beautiful! And a big Thank you to my band and designer❤️ Drums: @dempaqh Guitar: @martindgren Synth: @foorestu Styling: @ritaroslin Lovelovelovelovelove❤️

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