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Bjorn Rydhog // Copper Viper // IRIDESCE // Crooked Trees // Transpacifica

Bjorn Rydhog – Elisabeth

“The song Elisabeth was written to my girlfriend Elisabeth when she was burned out,” said BJORN RYDHOG. The Malmö, Sweden based artist’s voice drives the Ameriana folk-rock single named ‘Elisabeth’. A song of support and encouragement, the effervescent single comes at us with billowing clouds of white and clear blue skies of emotional happiness. The smooth and understated vocals, encourage a pallet of colors of sunshine and a wish for a new and bolder tomorrow. You’re lucky ‘Elisabeth’. Bjorn’s newest 5 track EP is ‘There’s a light in everything’. It is available now.

Copper Viper – FLY

COPPER VIPER is an acoustic folk duo from London. Robin Joel Sangster and Dunacan Menzies make this dynamic and beautifully calibrated offering named ‘FLY’. The delicate vocals and harmonies make you stand up and take notice. The guitars and the lyrics make you want to stay for the amenities of truth, honesty, and beautiful emotions. Their debut album ‘Cut It Down, Count The Rings’ was recorded in Washington state in the US, with Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, Brandi Carlile) and mastered by Gavin Lurssen (“O Brother, Where Art Thou?” Soundtrack, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss). The familiar but distinct style of play will welcome you with open arms. We suggest you stay for the whole album.

IRIDESCE – Brand New Day

IRIDESCE consists of Marco Spaeth (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard), James Doig (Lead Guitar), Thomas Guizzetti (Bass, Backing Vocals), and Vincent Lafont (Drums, Percussion). And they bring to the floor the single ‘Brand New Day’. A more pop laced attitude, the guitar and vocal driven atmospherics is conducive to many of the angsts that we all feel during the daily steps of life. The single is your pocket energizer battery and it suggests that you keep it bright and take the next day with a revitalized attitude. Get out of your funk. You don’t deserve it. So, what do you say? It’s the antidote to a crisis in the political state of affairs – in congress or within yourself. “We wrote the song about the ongoing string of school shootings that happen in the U.S., and about how predictable the spectacle of two-dimensional emotional outpourings the media and political leaders put forth have become – how scripted their ‘mourning’ and ‘call for change’ have become.” Marco’s voice of confidence and unwavering strength is a ticket that promised land.

Crooked Trees – Sailor of the Stars

Stockholm, Sweden based CROOKED TREES is a duo project lead by Kevin Spring and Emil Salmi, formed in 2016. Although they have many influences from many genres, they bring the alt-rock sensibilities in single ‘Sailor Of The Stars’. With a tinge of rock-folk and emo-punk to the chords, the shimmering attitude and hope of the single is evident to the touch. The power is formed from the mutual directness of the song, its lyrics, and the collision of penetrating sense of pure rock n’ roll guiding their light. Their new EP ‘FLAWS’ will drop soon.

Transpacifica – Vacant Lots Make Dreams

Sincerity and caring are the two words that come to mind in this intelligent and aesthetically pleasing single ‘Vacant Lots Make Dreams’ from TRANSPACIFICA. The Belfast, Northern Ireland based electronics/instrumental band is the gate to another world of promises in this single. The calming waves of solace, drench your aching joints from a hard life’s work. The tinge of 80’s based synth drives up the benevolence of this single’s comparable beauty. The world is you oyster, and the taste and outlook is within what TRANSPACIFICA offers. Take it. We did.


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