Bjorn Rydhog ‘Give Me Sunshine’ : Glistens like the sun in a warm summer’s day.

Bjorn Rydhog

Bjorn Rydhog’s first single off of his second EP ‘Give Me Sunshine’ is ‘Give Me Sunshine’. A psyche tinged surf inspiration, the song is of positivity and all those gifts what come from that sentiment. An inspiration for a life, to really live and grow.

Said Bjorn: “After five inspiring months in India a productive period of songwriting began for me back home in Malmö. The new songs were built in the style of my previous release, but with a more refined and varied sound. The process to create this EP has been an emotional awakening and also a summary of this challenging decade, where I have been looking for my “grown-up” voice.”

The multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter from Malmö Sweden glistens like the sun in a warm summer’s day.


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