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Bjorn Rydhog Shares ‘Don’t lose your lady’. “Gem of song and honesty of light.”

Malmö, Sweden based singer/songwriter is melt-tastic in his single ‘Don’t Lose Your Lady’. It’s a song of a simple suggestion. “Be good. Be at her side. And be faithful to the commitment to the big picture.”

The single is an amalgamation of 70’s soft-rock and 80’s pop-music, in the best of tradition from ABBA, Bread, the Carpenters and the indomitable Jens Lekman. The sweeping vocal mix of Bjorn’s naturally affection tone, amplifies the warmth and tact of a simple but difficult subject.

“Celebration and meditation are some of the main ingredients in my music,” Bjorn stated.

“Some of the most challenging parts for me as an artist is to get critique and stand out from the crowd, meaning that all kind of feedback is a challenge,” continued Bjorn. “However I understand it´s more important that I can express myself through music than to follow the demons in my mind. Therefor all kind of feedback is very important both to me as a person and for the development of the music, so in the end we all can learn and grow together.”

You can really feel the expansion and growth of Bjorn’s music. There’s no pretense, and demonstrated by this single, his philosophy in his personal life, seems to effortlessly flow through to his music.

‘Don’t Lose Your Lady’ is a beautiful and succinct exercise in flight.



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