Black Books ‘Goodbye Cool’ : “I hope not,” he said to himself. “I want to feel alive. Always.”

Black Books

Will that feeling of anxiety, ever become a reality? He’d never wanted something more than he’d wanted this. After stepping onto the stage of being in the glow of that one thing that he’d missed all these year, his inklings were justified in this truth of a moment.

Will it ever feel as it was manifest destiny? He’d thought that it was it was, and maybe there was something that pulled him along this path of bumps and challenges and the pang of loneliness that he’d always had.

Was it over? Will that feeling dissipate into that ether?

“I hope not,” he said to himself. “I want to feel alive. Always.”

Revel in the blue Manet skies of Black Books’ single ‘Goodbye Cool’. Beautiful spaces, at the ocean of images, dangle with utter consequences and accepted victories. Personal gain, through blood sweat and tears, is exactly what the doctor ordered.



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