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Black Flowers cafe – january

It’s a calm sunny day with calming breeze. But in the back of your mind there’s problems to solve. It is in your utmost importance and it’s prudent that this thought never over takes your day. It’s a fight against the urge to give in, it’s a fight to hit back at the fears that, on this calm sunny day with the calming breeze and rays, demand of you. This is Black Flowers cafe January, and it’s fabulous.

This Italian band is a find, in our CHF eyes.

After some digging, one can find that they’ve been at this music thing since 2009. And their take or direction on how they present their songs is interesting. The vocals resonate the airy-ness and effervescence the notes behind it demand. The vocals are unusual, but works in the ecosystem BFC has decided to build.

With the notes and its formula, no matter what the lyrics depict, it’s inevitable that the ‘feel’ of the songs are ultimately of “light”, “positive vibes”, “I can do it” kind of attitudes.

And that’s a good thing. It works for BFC. And CHF likes.



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