Black Flowers Cafe ‘Who’ : It tastes like a bittersweet blossom.

Black Flowers Cafe

‘Who’ is a gleaming dancey tune with muscular refrains and shining riffs, it tastes like a bittersweet blossom: the perfect match between Foals and Wild Nothing.

Black Flowers Cafe was formed in 2010 and soon the live activity combines an intense studio work that leads to the two connected EPs, Rising Rain (2011) and Falling Ashes (2012), and in the first self-produced album of the same name (2012) which collects appreciation in Italy and abroad. In 2014 it was the turn of the double single Be / polar, in which the indie rock sound of the beginnings embraces electronic experimentation. The following year, Mintaka ii was released as a free download; a song played by Simon Raymonde on Amazing Radio, which hybridizes the quartet sound with dreamy guitars and world music fascinations. In 2017, Ep Islands comes out for Ghost Records, a prelude to the second album Flow, published by Lumaca Dischi.


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