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Black Hole Bears // Bradley Stone // The Great Emu War Casualties // Jenny Kern // Brad Byrd

Black Hole Bears – Under the Moon

Balanced by the calling, BLACK HOLE BEARS, delivers a wholly sweet single ‘Under The Moon’. With parts that are reminiscent of pop from a prior past, the shoegazy dream-pop ensemble of Robert Crumpler, Alfredo Guerrero, Cole Helms, and Samuel Janvier rightfully asks the Universe what its opinion is on love, loss, and what it means to exists. Not in a deathly and morose way, but in a light and intellectually salient way, where there is a connection of sorts with the souls that want better. Of themselves, of their loved ones, of their lovers, of life… Off of their debut EP, ‘Under The Moon’ creeps into view as the horizons of your gains, come into focus. Waiting and adjusting towards the enlightenment of being YOU, comes to fruition as BHB sings with confidence in telling of OUR stories. The nostalgic single helps to conjure up the force within you, to live to the fullest, once more.

Bradley Stone – Limitless

BRADLEY STONE’s works completes with emotional defiance, with stories of love and lovers alike. His revealing vocals bounced off of the delicate and longing visions of his lyrics, spark the night’s ambitions. As kisses turn into caresses and when gazes turn into the moment’s lust, ‘Limitless’ helps to tremble at the feet of disillusionment and doubt. It vanquishes with delight, as we all consume the fires of lonely impartialities to kingdome come. Since his debut in 2016, the singer/songwriter, guitarist, and musician keeps track of his own feelings by proxy. And as he reaches out to greet, our own little hearts, we ponder deeply as to what had just occurred. He’s reached Triple J Unearthed’s top ranking, and has played for packed houses. Bradley coaxes his words into the frame of knowledge and experience that surrounds and abounds around him. There is no limits to his vision for his music. ‘Limitless’ is a subtle and beautiful call to that galant and emblematic cause.

The Great Emu War Casualties – Croissants For Now

The EP is out. THE GREAT EMU WAR CASUALTIES’ EP ‘I’m Leaving Now Where Do I Live’ is laid bare on that table of life, for you to examine, listen, and love. Love it, as it tells you how it is. Love it, as it kicks your motivations to another level. Love it, as it gives you the exact excuse to see her as who she is; to see him as he’s always been. A concentric circle of the menial life is never just ‘menial’. It is full of colors and un-explored happiness. As a indie rock/pop single ‘Croissants For Now’ relegates your consumption for the norm to the side, you are strengthened to heave, from here to fro, the notions that had set your feet in cement blocks. It can set you free, as you drive – driving on that inescapable highway – towards what can be, and leaving what has been. The charming guitar works in this single, reminisces with delight, and pumps you full of that new day. It’s a song that is made up of smiles.

Jenny Kern – Build a Bridge

Off of her beautifully constructed new self-titled EP, ‘Build A Bridge’ makes your heart ache. The rushes of memories, hidden prior, floods into the canals of sensibilities and unfurls all of the things that held you together in this world. But you needed it. You needed that relaxing of accumulated stresses and self-afflictions. A mantle for the self-guilt, mounted and shimmering on that mountain top, crumbles down into the village. You cry, as you’d never cried before. “Things will get better” – and it will. The Canada originating singer/songwriter bases her environment in New York. “Being open is not an easy feat for anyone. I want people to know that these songs come from an honest place. To sit and be alone in your own head is the most terrifying thing. We all struggle to find comfort in ourselves while being open to the unexpected.” JENNY KERN is a beautiful songstress. Expressive in her seriousness of her lyrics, she shows all the cards to how she’d evolved through her song. Every ratchet of emotions, describes her struggles and valiant efforts to conquer. ‘Build A Bridge’ is a license to be alright, even if you’re not alright. We are human, and Jenny understands. This experiment, called life, is hard. Jenny’s songs and story telling makes things better. The EP is out now.

Brad Byrd – 1982

Indie-rock and alt-country. BRAD BYRD is a songwriter who writes songs with vigor. Don’t let his vocal aesthetics of subtle suggestions distract you. The heart of a lion, doesn’t need to be outrageous. And when Brad sings his heart out, it is of deftness and depth that has become a hallmark of the artist. In ‘1982’ he takes a look at the time when he headed back to Massachusetts. Glimpse of what it used to be – a simpler times – where his life’s engagements to the soul of living had taken a bit of the that energy. The rock driven single is off of the ‘Phases’ album, and it is a continuation of connecting memories of his past, with physical geography and succulent descriptions in how those steps have made, who he is today. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Brad, in a sense has returned to dip his memory stick to his early 20’s when impressions were rife with pungent and poignant significance.


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