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Black Mekon – Natural Disaster

Black Mekon Natural Disaster is what we think of when we dream about Selma Hayak and the snake-table dancing scene in “From Dusk Till Dawn”. Sassy, sexy, dangerous, scheming, treacherous, vulgar, naughty: all things that we love about the song…and of course about the scene too.

Right? Remember when Selma Hayek, come off the stage and goes through her routine and does the seduction dance with the snake on her neck, mystifying the brother’s lust – magnifying it to another level?The background song for that scene was just great for it. And if you replace that with “Natural Disaster”, there could be something there.

Anywho, we at CHF, get dillusional sometimes and imaginations go bit astray. It’s interesting though to think that rock music like this can get those memories up and over the top for many. The sexiness and at the same time, longing – a destitute poverty of being one in a sea of plenty, sometimes can be daunting.

As humans, we’re vulnerable and sometimes a person or challenge like Selma Hayek’s dancing character comes into one’s life and changes it – for better or for worse. For the Gecko brothers in Dusk Till Dawn.. it wasn’t a good thing.

But Black Mekon’s Natural Disaster is thumbs up, in our eyes.




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