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Black Ocean Temple Shares ‘Multi-Colored Sunset’. Facilitation In Posterity.

In the aftermath of the death we witnessed, our surly emotions twisted and intertwined, tighter and closer. It was what we’d imagined and then some. The death of course, was of our former child-like pretentious activations. They got us through parts of the world, our local traffic, guarded by the hands of octagons painted rose. The days didn’t need our approval, for our nights were our time, our singular dictation in crested seals, defying and contriving excuses to be, and to be one.

Black Ocean Temple is a project by Nate Daley. The BOT vehicle helps Daley, in our best estimation, a way to throw light and color onto things and subjects that he’d rather facilitate in posterity. The single ‘Multi-Colored Sunset’ exacerbates the wound, of the unknown, of self-deception, and of worldly flight to nowhere.

It’s a trip.

A trip that he wants us to be sitting in.

BOT consists of: Brothers Jason and Joshua Ott, and Nate Daley.



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