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Black Sea Deluge – …to Love a Woman

Gareth Hall is the one who steers this mammoth sound coming off of his project Black Sea Deluge. Combining the helter-skelter of Rob Zombie, with the groaning grit of Death From Above 1979, Gareth brings this song to life, with spice and gumption. Let it just wash over you like a barrel of jagged little stones. The power and assumptions, slice and dice your prior attentions, and it feels so very good. Odd? Nope. It’s what you need. This song is addictive, in the way that you’d never thought it could. It’s a V8 supercharger of a song, that performs.

Stevie Boyes – Now’s The Time

Stevie Boyes is a electro/acoustic/folk/pop artist, standing here and letting the Universe know of ‘Now’s The Time’. Currently working on the ‘Difficult’ second album. With his unique vocals, entrenched in indie-folk rock n’ roll, Stevie brings a beautifully ‘inquisitive’ alternative to his works. From the contemplative angst, deep within the angst and determination, Stevie’s rambling rock, subtly greets us with fabulous pillars of rock that talks and convinces. It’s not stadium. It’s not main-stream. But it’s just the right kind of niche work that just blares out ‘hooray!’ at the sun, as it completes the task of Stevie’s musical heart’s desire.

OPROER – Get Get Get

The band has been working for more than two years on a strong live reputation with its own songs, but has waited until now to start releasing songs. OPROER, if you’re crazy to the world, is that cheap speak of words and order you hear in your ears. A man in your brain? An entity competing for your attention? It’s a deal that comes with OPROER. It’s the deal that sucks you in. It’s the product that rips you apart. It’s the seemingly mangle accumulation of digital and analog, that gets you, and understand. The perfection is in the amalgamation of attitudes – metal, rap, drum/bass tactics – which makes ‘Get Get Get’ so compelling. The band stated: “Our songs grow during our live shows. We change the structure of songs, add pieces or play a song in a different style than on the recording. We also leave room for improvisation so that no two shows are the same. The songs are fed by the shows and the audience in this way.” Live shows is what OPROER is all about. It’s the way it should be. And we dig that attitude, one hundred diddy. The band from Ghent, Belgium consists of Dries Van der Schueren (vocals), Tijl De Vis (guitar), Jérôme Pringiers (keys), Victor Van De Maele (bass) and Robbe Van Ael (drums).

Tongues of Fire – Sunburn

Lowell Hobbs, Zakk Tomkalski, Ben Ashbury, and Eli Raymer make this intriguingly fabulous project named Tongues Of Fire. Rock, metal, with the attitude of (early) Metallica, Rage Against The Machine, and maybe even Death Angel – the band knows exactly where they belong. As for the rest of us, their music belongs in our rotation. Exciting and engaging, live and in all the colors of fantasy, they deliver by power of grit and rousing urgency. Their songs are ‘punk’, but a whole lot more. Always. The Asheville North Carolina originating band is unrelenting and unapologetic. Love them. And you love yourself. Their latest album ‘Everyone Hates Us’ is something that ‘everyone’ will love.

Teenage Priest – Distant Crush

“About a near and far internet love. Feeling close, understood, alone and isolated by our online personalities at the same time. The obsession with another that might not even exist.” People can distance themselves from you, for what you believe is right by love. But can we break from habits, and really find the truth? Teenage Priest’s single ‘Distant Crush’ is a fantastic addition from the artist, that talks with urgency, but never overbearing, nor judgmental. The crux of a manifesting lorn for a heaven on earth, is what we all, as human animals, desire, at the end of the day. A green pasture, where we can share and indulge in the quaint happiness that can exist. But we miss it sometimes. And when technology comes to play, the walls of self-delusion comes to play with knives. Mistaken identity? Mistaken understandings? Mistaken urges that never even existed? Confusion is primal, and never grieving. We are left alone to question ourselves out of the mire. Will it be too late? We think Teenage Priest thinks we can overcome. Let’s find out.


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