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Black Sea shares dreamy ‘Analeptic’ which consoles the soul.

Black Sea (consisting of Cole Devine, Max Royer, and Sage Ross) is a dream-pop, post-punk band from Los Angeles. Front man Cole Devine, calls the band more ‘dream-punk’. All those are relevant to us. However, the most important is that they bring out some cool tunes, and where the tunes leave some good ‘after-taste’ to the listening experience.

Dream. Memories. Innuendoes. Selection. Personal proposition. Denied ambitions.

Disappointments, and or, situations at the ‘cusp’ of disappointment, make up the GULF in turning Universes and individual discourse to a life’s desired narrative.

As the band expands in their musical sensibilities, we look forward to more from their debut singles – progressing from minimalist to complex dream-pop offerings.

After all, that’s how life should progress. No?



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