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BLACK WAIL’s Single ‘Chromium Homes’. “Come Away. Re-Discover Your Hard-Rock Heartbeat.”

BLACK WAIL is a blues soaked hard-rock experience living, breathing, and breeding butt-kicking singles from the cement depths of good ol’ Jersey City, New Jersey.

They’ve heard it before: “Your band is kick-ass!”

Or “You make riffs that carve and destroys our minds”.

And maybe: “We’d lost our way in hard-rock, and your music helped us find ourselves back on the right road.”


Well, at least that’s what we ‘imagine’ how BLACK WAIL fans could have responded to the band’s outputs.

Simply put, BLACK WAIL’s sensibilities in music construction and deeply penetrating alignments of notes-on-notes is a dynamic and mature experience.

They live in front of their fans and on-lookers. They see you straight in the eye, and kick your teeth in, when they can (figuratively of course). Their brand of music isn’t for everyone, but the serenity you feel listening to the power chords brings you back…way back, to that time, reminiscent of styles as prominent as Anthrax, Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osborne, Slayer, Death Angel, Pantera.

All in a sophisticated, and hard to ignore, modern bespoke aesthetics of Black Wail.

BW consists of mavericks: Susan Lutin, Mike Tarlazzi, Bram Teitelman, and Ed Charreun.

The band is just an exciting time.



CHF is a proud media sponsor of the 3rd Annual North Jersey Indie Rock Festival. Catch BLACK WAIL and a plethora of other incredible bands October 6th (Saturday) @ White Eagle Hall in Jersey City!



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