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Blacktop Freak // Joy // Ernest Aines // The Stargazer Lilies // Savannah Brogneri

Blacktop Freak – Daniel’s Song

“Dedicated to a late friend of mine. He was his own person.” Nick Marinelli is the heart behind the project Blacktop Freak. ‘Daniel’s Song’ is that exact friend, and from what we can gather from the single, we feel Nick’s solemn but still lingering questions of small doubts in hindsight. But that is always the case, when a loved one, or even a person who’d been a big part of your life – virtually or in real physical form – where that hole just stares at you for a long, long time. That hole where he/she used to be. Their personalities, large faults, and even their way of making you angry. But caring, means that both extremes are loved in their own way. We all do our best.

Joy – Closer to Divine

JOY’s new single ‘Closer to Divine’ carries a cinematic, otherworldly, and futuristic type of vibe. Reflecting some of the best of the 90’s IDM era (including offerings from outfits like Enigma, Brian Eno, Apex Twins, or The Orb, the musical inspiration in JOY comes in all of the understated colors that you’d want to expect. ‘Closer to Divine’ is crisply digital and hyper-rhythmic, drawing influences from great innovators of the genre. Ken Hankins is the heart behind JOY.

Ernest Aines – You’re a Garden

He’s a Melbourne based singer/songwriter with an affinity for story telling. He has been on the bill at festivals including Westernport, St Kilda, Folk Rhythm and Life and Apollo Bay. He has supported Tex Perkins, The Badloves and Deborah Conway. Ernest Aines is this beautiful folk tinged vocals that you hear on this single. It’s a voice that you’d want to hear over and over, as the stresses of the day are better defended again, with that open-field grassland of an expression. This meditation song as he’d put it is as long on angst as it is in the summary of relaxation and ‘letting things go’. “A meditation song on the calm after a long emotional storm..a tonic to sooth the jangled nerves of my long term girlfriend after she put up with so much of my pain…written whilst breathing in the clean, healing air of Hobart, Tasmania”. See Ernest next @ Compass Pizza, Brunswick, Australia November 1st.

The Stargazer Lilies – Magenta Sunrise

“It just hit me: they were way heavier than they seem,” he explains, “and that wasn’t translating in their recordings. Their old stuff is panoramic and smooth; I wanted 3D and bumpy.” Kim Field & John Cep make up this cosmic indie-pop project. We’d said of them: “You walk and talk, and grab ahold of the parts of life that pass you by. Grasping an gasping at what you find, you open the bag of memories, in galloped quakes of happiness and confusion…It is all about that journey.” For dang sure. We think THE STARGAZERS want to be there with you, every step of that gloriously interesting path you embody. ‘Magenta Sunrise’ is the searing album opener in the upcoming release ‘Occabot’ (November 1st).

Savannah Brogneri – Great Heights

‘Great Heights’ is the first track off a five song EP due to be released in January (2020). Savannah Brogneri is a South Africa based solo alt indie-pop artist who broods with ambition and caters to the senses with exuding textures. The lyrics guide her every move in this single, as Savannah’s valiant and palisade-like vocals towers over with width and depth in expression. The semi-jazzy standard, that comes off of its throne with golden aspirations, keeps us in beckoning revile and of jealousy. It’s a tantalizing first track and represents Savannah’s audible aims.


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