BLACKUR0 ‘Future’ : Bound by the uniqueness and tact of an artist on a mystical mission.


Off the vexing black-pop album ‘Silent Farewell’, BLACKUR0’s ‘Future’ delivers in a high octane grating of senses – betrayed, but returning with that sentimental reason.

Anthemic and bold vocal expressions highlight this activation of alternative undulations.

Lyrically vibrant, juxtaposed with the prudent exultations of a past that doesn’t have to be forever.

‘Silent Farewell’ is a trek of heightened flights over oceans of your mind. But with an electro theatrics, utterly different – and oh so heartwarming.

Highly talented Japanese artist, punches you with alternative altercations of sights and sounds, new and brutal. A relapse of sounds, bound by the uniqueness and tact of an artist on a mystical mission.

That’s what the album is. A bursting of the mind that is BLACKUR0 – soft, beautiful, contrasting, out-reaching.

It’s out now.


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