Blade Palace ‘Latticework’ : Then something fab bloomed.

Diabolically satisfying.

Blade Palace

‘Latticework’ is from the exciting offering of their latest EP ‘1919’. For their sophomore effort, Blade Palace locked themselves in a basement for three days with no connection to the outside world. They went in with nothing – no music, lyrics, vocal melodies.

Then something fab bloomed.

“In 1919, the entire city of Seattle went on strike,” the band described. “For the first time in the twentieth century, an entire city’s worth of workers ceased to work. A “general strike” was called in solidarity with thirty-five thousand shipyard workers who had already been striking for wage increases promised to them following the end of World War I.”

“The workers had sacrificed for the war effort, accepting near starvation wages in order to help produce war ships cheaply, under the impression that wages would increase as soon as the war came to a close. This was false. They were deliberately misled. The war ended and wages stagnated (as they have for decades in the modern era). The workers fought just to fight, the promise of prosperity only pretty words squeezed through lying teeth. Their war effort disregarded, the shipyard workers went on strike. Then, in a stunning show of solidarity, all union workers in Seattle joined. One hundred thousand people. The entire city came to a standstill, treading water until the shipbuilding industry and the government put their money where their mouths were and fulfilled their former promises of increased wages. Nothing moved but the tide.”

A mix of ambience and one song (‘Latticework’) that helps to define a world, going into this eclectic and somber EP, Blade Palace consequently offers up moistures of emotions within each quartile edges of dreams and story telling.

‘Latticework’, though the heaviest of the songs, wills the listener into a diabolically satisfying start of a trip that can only be described as ‘Blade Palace-like’.

Take it as you may… the severe journey of ‘Latticework’ gets you in and riled up.


See them next @ The Sunset, Seattle Washington December 29th.



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