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Blade Palace Shares ‘Tone Deaf’. “Get in bed with this ‘chaos’.”

Off of their debut EP ‘Disconnect’, the gang from the far corner of western United States (Seattle) – BLADE PALACE – comes at us with a single – ‘Tone Dead’. It is a song that is made up of psychedelic barbs with thought-glass and cotton-cotton-candy tastiness. What we’re saying is that the contrasts between the light and dark, is like an encouraging street photograph, depicting of the banal, in the most glorious and majestic way.

‘Tone Deaf’ is an insolent subordinate, reluctant to work on that nuclear option. But at the same time, has the capacity to heal the world.

‘Tone Deaf’ is a fascination with the darkest meme of your existence. But your tears of joy deflects the trolls, and you become one with your trepidations.

‘Tone Deaf’ is a bountiful harvest of greens and corn, reunifying the chemicals of the soil they lay. Just to see their individual heads slung from the rafters.

The demand for BLADE PALACE can be summed up by the ridiculous examples that we’d presented above.

They don’t make sense.

But all of them do.

And that’s where BLADE PALACE’s single stands. It is a coursing river of dynamic riffs, classic build-up, and beautifully aesthetic vocal harmonies. And all of it is driven with ‘awesomeness’ that this indie-rock band has a knack for. Power and fury, culminates within the single, making us fall head over heels. Dizzying heights are embedded into the fuzzy guitar work, both tranquil and nostalgically vicious.

When listening, your words that come out of your mouth becomes a blur.

That happens in the writing too.

Get in bed with this ‘chaos’.

It just feels dang good.

BLADE PALACE is: Rob Nightingale, Elliot Preston, Nate Louis, and Kurt Roy.



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