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Blain Cunneen Shares Visuals For Single ‘Do You Ever Feel This Way?’

Steven Saphore

Sydney singer/songwriter BLAIN CUNNEEN, an avid enthusiast and resident of the Sydney music scene, delivers a 90’s soaked single, enabled by the surreal empathy of that decade and modern vibes in love and confusion.

In the early months of this year, Blain, voluntarily, secluded himself to concentrate on his upcoming 4 track EP ‘The Prizes We Demand’ (September 11th). Trials and tribulations was the call of that moment in time for Blain, but he fought it though to his realization of the new EP.

‘Do You Ever Feel This Way?’ is a song about that love for thyself and questioning the purpose of existing in this ‘bubble’. Sometimes self perpetuated, but most, carried to fruition by external and internal forces in stress, mental illness, depression – the song embodies this with arm’s opened wide.

The music video depicts this exact premise, as the ‘bubble’ is all encompassing, never disappearing, and burdensome.

See Blain in celebration of the release, at Freda’s in Chippendale on the 26th of September.



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