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BLAINE LEGENDARY Shares ‘World Wide’. “Hard To Get? Work Hard You Hear?”

Don’t know about you, but beautiful women exist all around you. And BLAINE LEGENDARY wants you to know that. And also, in his single ‘World Wide’ he wants you to know that he wants to repeat an ‘oath’ to those beautiful women he’s come across, and ones he will sadly never get to be acquainted.

It’s okay though. We don’t empathize his position one bit, because there is something called lyrical skills that most don’t have.

In ‘World Wide’, although the subject is staple in all types of music, it’s interestingly formulated and dispersed for us ordinary folks to admire and absorb.

And Blaine does it with flare and style in ‘World Wide’.

The story told in this music video is a classic themed “Guy gets girl” sequence, and with a beautiful girl in his arms, he strides into that proverbial horizon – the new future.

Kind of like what Blaine wants to do.

We dig his single, and looking forward to his new future.




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