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Blair Jollands Shares Eclectic Single ‘Restless Soul’. “Get Up From Your Bed. Don’t Suffer Alone.”

Sometimes we suffer by ourselves. Physically or emotionally, we lie on that bed, with all our joints hurting, where our heart and mind, relegates to a heap of sorrows which can’t be mended. It never occurs suddenly and out of the blue. It’s a gradual process, we never get to manage, because of our nature to ‘move forward’ and to ‘survive’ with what we have.

And what do you have?

On that bed, as your heart depletes in saved up energies, your thoughts divulge the angst – layered in decades in time – which you had felt, but never considered serious.

You ignored the physical hurt, from your joints to your migraines – layered in decades in time – which isolate you, damage you, comfort you.

It just becomes a routine. The hurting is just expected.

You wake up with the pain, just like the friend who never wanted, but is not a part of you – your existence.

What can you do?

The cocoon you’d built for yourself, can be cracked open. Look at your left hand. There is that craft knife that you’ve held for emergencies ever since you KNEW something was wrong.

It is now TIME to use it.




Open up to the fresh air – new thoughts, new fight – a new you can be re-born.

Get up from your bed. Don’t suffer alone.

BLAIR JOLLAND is a writer, composer, and producer. Emmy nominations have been collected with participation in making series like ‘Pride’, ‘Wild Bill’, ‘Bleak House’, ‘A Touch of Cloth’ and ‘Shackleton’.

But in his solo pop music projects, he’s another person – with the voice of eclectic musicians of his past and contemporaries – he delves deep into his mind – spitting, abstracting, evolving, and telling the stories of his intimacies.

The train ride has just begun.

He’s continuing his ‘every month singles release’ (from his upcoming LP ‘7 Blood’) in 2018. ‘Restless Soul’ is his latest in this endeavor.

‘7 Blood’ is set to drop in September.



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