Blanck Mass Announce / Release ‘World Eater Re-Voxed’ Remix EP. Shares Single ‘Please’.

Benjamin John Power is the artist named Blanck Mass. And this electronic flare maker announced his ‘World Eater Re-Voxed’ EP (4 tracks remix). It is the remix of his own 2017 ‘World Eater’ album. The re-mixers on this new edition include: Zola Jesus, Naked, Gazelle Twin, and M. Lamar. In addition, BM has also announced “ODD SCENE / SHIT LUCK” Record Store Day 12” Single, for release on April 20th.

“The theme with this remix EP was to see how a group of other artists visualize and reassess my world sonically and more importantly here, lyrically”

Power explains further: “The use of human vocals is prominent in my more recent work although I try and steer more towards an emotional language as opposed to conventional syntax, so this was an interesting exercise in interpretation.”

Sounds like a fabulous plan. Now it’s reality, as they say.

Each instrumental elements always pressures artists to try different angles, and here, Blanck Mass asked his friends to collaborate. We think that the output results speak for themselves.

The remixers on World Eater Re-Voxed added their own lyrics to bring a highly personal reading to each chosen work, and the results have given the music of Blanck Mass new meaning.

Kudos to all.

He’s rep’ed by Sacred Bones Records.

Buy [HERE] or [HERE]


1. Please (Zola Jesus Remix)
2. Rhesus Negative (Naked Remix)
3. Minnesota (M. Lamar Remix)
4. The Rat (Gazelle Twin Remix)

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