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BLANDLORD Shares ‘Sun Explorers’. “Lot’s of good stuff, in store.”

BLANDLORD is a walking time-bomb. A time-bomb of sexy chords, melted on top of golden brown casts of shades, and a whole lot of vicious commentaries and wholesome empathy. The band comes up with questions to the questions of un-answered amalgams.

And that’s okay with them.

To be honest, it’s okay with us too!

There’s very little not to like about ‘Sun Explorers’.

We, live on a ball of matter, which turns around a ball of nuclear energy. We are explorers who just can’t get our acts together.

Will there be time when we can and do get around to being better space cadets??

The band stated: “A lot of our material is a commentary on the state of affairs we are living in, a tongue in cheek view of what’s going around us. Rather than provide people solutions or answers to the problems faced in these modern times we prefer to provide a soundtrack or a chance to think on those dilemmas.”

BLANDLORD is a new project, with lots of good stuff promised.

We’ll have to find out.



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