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Blarg // Betty Moon // An Orange Conspiracy // Tom Cridland // Toby Charles

Blarg – toxic radio (real cool time revisited)

The times in music are changing every day. What place does garage rock music have in 2019? We don’t know… but we know one thing: Blarg is the sound of the future. Art rock 2020. During a placement the two friends Theo and Tom had to work together in a windowless room putting flyers into envelopes lasting for weeks. The only ray of hope was to listen to Psychedelic Rock by the Japanese band Yura Yura Teikoku. After this intensive musical experience, they both decided to create something own and unique. Psychedelic-pop duo from Cologne, Germany is excitement. At least to our ears. It’s pop that makes us thank goodness that we’re alive to witness such irreverent chaos and function. It’s gold. You see them live, you’re having fun! You hear them on an LP, you’re having fun! You’re going to work in your 2005, hundred-forty thousand mile car – you’re having fun! Nothing can get you down. That’s what Blarg’s all about. And we dig that about them. Rough edges? No. Fantastic edges with soul. Word. The band is Tom Kirschner, Theodor Steiner, and Frankie. They rock.

Betty Moon – Runaway

Betty Moon is a Toronto-born singer, songwriter, producer, and filmmaker. Known for her sultry voice, rock n’ roll attitude and visionary appeal, Moon is an always-evolving tour de force. Moon’s music has been featured in a variety of television shows and films including Californication, Dexter, Bounty Hunters, Walking the Dead directed by Melanie Ansley, and Last Gasp starring Robert Patrick. With roots in Canada and has been releasing music since her 1991 major label debut via A&M Records. From her recently released album ‘Hellucination’, comes the single ‘Runaway’. With ‘Hellucination’ being one of Moon’s most successful and critically praised albums to-date, “Runaway” perfectly balances her eclectic mix of rock, electronic and pop sensibilities that have put her on the ballot for multiple GRAMMY nominations.

An Orange Conspiracy – Porcelain Dreams

An Orange Conspiracy’s new EP ‘Leave Behind The Material’ was written and recorded in the North of Mallorca, a lagoon cabin hidden in the tall grass using analog equipment and solar energy. Created from deep jams through the night under starry skies, the music shifts between ambient passages of synth and fuzzed-out guitar solos, laid back grooves and dream-like states. The voice and lyrics on the record touch upon themes of paranoia, spirituality, love and hope. However try not to get too hung up on the details. Instead, turn on, tune in and see how it makes you feel.

 ‘Who can leap the world’s ties and sit with me among white clouds’ (Jack Kerouac). An orange Conspiracy is made up of three brothers, Ricki, Leo Galea, and Casey Galea. Originally from Scotland but grew up in the small town of Pollensa in the North of Mallorca, Spain. Beautiful setting, and beautiful sentiments in music, comes together in this trio goodness, as they explore their inner poetic beasts.

Tom Cridland – I’m Inadequate

The ‘Biggest Pop Star In The World’ artist, Tom Cridland comes with his irreverent single ‘I’m Inadequate’. Tom is an honest to goodness, fabulous entertainer. He’s in it to win it. If not, he’s about bringing the fun in his music. Most importantly, he bring his talents as a composer and knack for the indie-pop scene. ‘I’m Inadequate’ properly demonstrates Tom’s incredible talents in such cases, with fabulous arrangements that are of AC/DC-esque rock shine. Said Tom: “This one goes out to anyone who is a hater not a lover, anyone who criticizes and never praises, anyone who takes and never gives and, especially, anyone who encourages people to give up on their dreams or to change to fit in. Many people will think that I am inadequate as a singer, a songwriter or as a person in general but I’ll go and own who I am. I am proud of it.” Word. Rock on Tom. Rock on.

Toby Charles – Rather Be (With You)

“‘Rather Be (With You)’ is the follow up single to my second EP ‘Spaces in Between’, released in February this year.” Toby Charles is a 22 year old singer-songwriter originally from Worcestershire in the UK. He draws inspiration from a broad range of influences, including Jeff Buckley, Bob Dylan and The Black Keys. Toby released his first single ‘My Love’ under the name of Toby Randall back in late 2016, before following it up with his first EP ‘All My Words’ in April 2017 (By then releasing under the name Toby Charles). Since then Toby has remained active, releasing the single ‘I’ll Come With You’ in August 2018 and his second EP ‘Spaces in Between’ in February 2019. The charm is evident from Toby’s words. The playful reminiscence, bleeds out like the necessity of air and water. Toby added: “Huge thanks to Hector Brazier for drums, Hannah Mac Music for her lovely backing vocals and James Delin for production and bass.”


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