Blaydek ‘Moon’ : Thoughts are entrusted to you to plant in your own garden of hope and opportunities.


From his 2 track EP ‘Moon/Anything’, Blaydek (Chris Blaydes) utilizes beautiful key notes to guide us on an embarkation of notary solitudes and reflectively ancillary revivals of the heart. A tang and sweetness that is of the two tracks, each plays decadently off of each other, bringing sultry goodness and revelry.

‘Moon’ crumples your ever existing heart, and re-hydrates you with impending notes of encouragement and sweet nothings in life.

‘Anything’ is of that post-YOU. A new delight of internal confidence, blossoming and absorbing the new colors of immediacy.

Balydek’s thoughts are entrusted to you to plant in your own garden of hope and opportunities.

EP is out now.

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Today is the moment you’ve all been anticipating for many moons. I can barely contain my excitement. I’ve checked all the landing gear. My new single is out. In actual fact, you’re getting two for one. Yes. There are in fact two tracks out today 😱 the second track is as good as the first track. Link in bio. Please let me know below what you think – which song do you like more? Note: it’s not okay not to like it, okay. You probably will tho. Teaser sound on this one. You’ll have to stream for the full whammy of music. I pretty much learnt how to play the keyboard for this track. #newmusicfriday #newmusic #yamahasynth #synth #keyboard #guitarist #guitaristsofinstagram #manymoons #moon #nasa #indiemusic #alternativepop #altpop

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