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Bleed the Rads Shares ‘I Had it the Whole Time’. “I Think I Got It.”

Rummaging through the old boxes of incandescent candles of different scents and knowledge, her intuition was to see the deepest and the most colorful of the lot. The box was deep and wide, so she had to concentrate in her endeavor. But she was determined, and gathered her gumption into reaching into the soft edges within. The darkness, even with the light on in the attic, was angled above the cardboard box, only showing – helping – to illuminate her ambitions.

“I think I got it,” she silently thought to herself.

“Whether it’s as simple as looking for your phone while it’s in your hand, or as complex as searching for a person you’ve already met, sometimes what you want or need the most is something you already possess. As hard as that may be to see.”

BLEED THE RADS’ ‘I Had It The Whole Time’ is a memorandum or a cautionary tale about the desire you have, and maybe not seeing it exist, right under your nose. It advocates appreciating what you have, and not looking over to the other side of the fence in jealousy, too much.




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