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Bligh – Nissan Patrol

Australia Gold Coast pop outfit BLIGH keeps you on that dance floor. They had us on our floor dancing. And when ‘Nissan Patrol’ states to ‘take me away’, we want that so much to happen. Hooks, synth, vocals, guitar – slide right into the comfortable apparel of this dynamic pop offering and you’ll feel much better. That’s what they do with this single. Come at the coming-of-age single and take ahold of your now and the past, merging together with the aim at the stars! Free yourself. You deserve it in love, life, work. Breathe in for a newer life, this instant. Stated lead vocalist Elliott Baylis: “It captures that bittersweet period when you gain your first taste of freedom with a P-plate, but you’re too young to go anywhere and too broke to do anything.” Right on. Right on.

Rachel K Collier – Dinosaur

Rachel remembered the genesis of ‘Dinosaur’: “It was the first time in my career that I really felt these so-called misogynistic vibes- each time I spoke at this event the Old School Producer dudes would roll their eyes or stare at the floor, they were completely disinterested in anything I had to say- It didn’t hit me til much later but then I felt so angry I had to put it into words.” A collaboration with Jamie Panton, the song brings her narrative to life. ‘Dinosaur’ is RACHEL K COLLIER’s blade into a day in a life of just living in this world. Not everything’s peachy-keen, and many things in life gets us mad. Rachel handles it with cementing it in words. The Welsh originating dynamo (now based in London), keeps her focus and keeps a guru like perspective into ‘distractions’ of life. We’re just glad they end up in one of her songs – a benefit for our eyes and ears, for sure.

Kios – Asleep

Nashville based indie alt-pop band brings the joy into our lives. Well, into your life too if you want them to. With a vibrant and uplifting guitar and lyrical pace, the 3 piece keeps it right with ‘Asleep’. Cole Suddarth, Aaron Krak, and Mitch Wollenberg make this project work as it does, and how much do we like what they’ve done with it?? Heck yea, lots. Cole and Aaron met in University. Aaron and Mitch grew up together in Ohio. They all move to Nashville in 2014. Diabolically never weighed down, the light and airy injection of ‘Asleep’ is a partially anthemic promise to a better place for our lives. When we’re not quick to the opportunities that present themselves, we have to wake up and drink some coffee. There will be more. But get ready. Just like KIOS has with their music. Dig it.

Elliot Lee – Upside Down

ELLIOT LEE (Margaret “Elliot” Lee Harris) had been picked as a feature last year with her single ‘Sick Mind’. We’d been enamored and stated: “She’s been ripping ears apart with her versatility and depth for a bit now. Her transformations and evolutions, from word to word is quite fascinating to watch and witness. For her talent seems to be limitless, sans boredom from the world she occupies. But it’s not a lot of loss, for she has the pulse dialed and quips a taunt, here and there, in anticipation of such ‘boredoms’, for the pure expectation of her listener’s enjoyment.” From the first get-go, we knew Elliot’s a complex being. But she’s never forgotten the pop side of things, and in ‘Upside Down’ she keeps the edge of another dimension, but adding fragrances of that salinity. Like Billie Eilish and Lana Del Ray, she drives towards the UNIQUE. On that planet, she lives, growing her own style and offering. Distinctive, driven, and gloriously satisfying, Elliot is your chance to seek out something new. She’s always been that representation. Just pull that trigger and get ‘IN’.

Bene – Evil Spider

Yep. BENE is one of the up and coming crop of artists who needs more and more exposure. She’s dang good. And she keeps on bringing all of the goodness that you’d thought was gone in the current pop atmosphere. But she surprising and delighting our ear holes and makes us get up and enjoy that sliver of moment that we’re afforded. ‘Evil Spider’ is a decadent pop entrepreneurship of sounds that deliver in classic pop progressions with the fresh stylings of that sweet vocals that BENE brings to the table. We’d stated about her previous single ‘Soaked’: “Exonerating hooks, palatial horizons, irreducible arrangements, and of course BENE’s vocal gravity.” Evil Spider keeps the flow going in its comforting friendliness of the song’s make-up. BENE is a phenom and we can’t wait for her to take over the world.


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