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Blindhead – The Daily Ruse

Blindhead’s The Daily Ruse is a ‘mess’. It’s a mess of raw emotions, anger, observation, and self determination. The song helps exploit and uncover the routine madness that goes on in some of our lives. And we like how it’s done.

Getting to know ‘life’, or learning from the flow of ‘life’ fills our consciousness with information. Useful information to help guide us through it. And probably, more of it, useless information that help cloud the guidance.

It’s always up to the owner of that consciousness to determine ultimately, which is which.

But reality isn’t built in an isolated vat – the vat being your own brain.

And some analysis is necessary to get to a decision point.

Getting to that decision point, most likely, quick – but oh, sometimes, the collage just gets grimmer and messier.

That’s what Blindhead’s way of presenting this song, correlates to – in our minds.

It’s a ‘mess’ of beautiful raw edges, rectified by the vocals of Bryan Pocius. He’s the attitude.

And to a degree, he tells you of his struggles and how part of him has capitulated to the pressures of life.

The regular hours and days, cannot be stopped.

He has already realized that the train car he’s on, has a mind of its own.

If so, then lets make some memories and enjoy the ride – no matter what the end.




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