Bliss Army ‘Long Way Down’ : Appetites in and around the life we wield. Lovely contextual shine.

Bliss Army

Bliss Army alt-pop from songwriter Stephen Konrads’s act of defiance through his music and musical effervescence.

A song of a “little bit about gambling, a little bit about digital paranoia”, the beauty of Stephen’s vocals, immediately mark its territory by seducing with its 70’s like timbre and exquisite sustenance for love and affection. A grumbling of soothing invocations, dowse your senses as the chime of glitter and lights, rain down on your listening existence.

You glide into a dream of revelry and longing with ‘Long Way Down’. A song of truths of passions and addictions; manageable or not – it selects to indicate our appetites in and around the life we wield.

Lovely song from a lovely contextual shine.


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