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Blood Child Shares ‘Confident Silence’. “Judged. Picked apart. Conform, or be spit out.”

Consisting of Emil Bertelsen, Hjalte Ross, Mads Bertelsen, Lasse Krüger, and Marikka Katrina Højen, the Danish art-psyche quintet makes it obvious to onlookers that they are emphatically serious about making music that matters.

Off of the upcoming debut EP, ‘Shower Me’, this emotionally salient and palpably crusty angsty group of artsy indie-rock voyeurs make each minute a fab time. The single ‘Confident Silence’ addresses the of ‘living within a society’ that demands a certain outcome from you.

Judged. Picked apart. Conform, or be spit out.

“For us it has always been more about the pure sound of the words, and not so much about their exact meaning,” the band stated. “It’s about the instantaneous, the intuitive and the imperfections of things that occur instantaneously in the moment that is important to us. Words before language. ‘Abandon language’ is the message; oppose the systematic expectation for things to be done in a certain way.”

Stresses of life, works in mysterious ways.

In case of BLODD CHILD, 5 individuals, with massively different relevance to their own cause, came together to write about those exact challenges and societal mores.

“‘Confident Silence’ is a song that means a lot to us. I believe it was one of the first songs we wrote together as a band, and it’s a song that has gone through several stages. The song has been affected by the other songs on the album, however at the same time it has kept insisting on it’s own independent qualities during the long process in the studio”.

Right on.

We’d stated prior: “BLOOD CHILD the project is unique because of its understated angst and desires, unexpressed, but loudly professed. The physical lyrics mean much, but the ghostly summations of what the song represents, comes through with flying certainty. The quirky, oddity is attraction at its peak.”

Still holds true.



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