BLOODHYPE ‘Delicate Creature’ : “We miss the spontaneous encounters with friends and strangers.”

Bloodhype / Photo: Maximilian König

“These days, we miss the Berlin nights and their inspiration” says guitarist Erik, “we miss the spontaneous encounters with friends and strangers”.

Berlin, home to Elmar, Erik, Matt and Chris, has seen it’s fair share of crises across the years, and perhaps it’s what brought the artists we now associate with the city: David Bowie, U2, Depeche Mode, Brian Eno, and more recently CHVRCHES. Each spent time in the Hansa Studios, where BLOODHYPE recorded Delicate Creature and the corresponding VHS-flavoured video.

After the shimmering, 80s-infused Violent Heart, comes the up-tempo Delicate Creature, a crisis-summer single drenched in happy melancholy and yearning. The guitar riff, sharp and refreshing like an INXS ice dagger, cuts through the post-punk-esque chugging bass, and sets the scene for the synthesiser arpeggios to fill the choruses.

Frontman Elmar Weyland’s voice floats above the neon scene, cut with angst as he sings about a world of toxic-relationships, highs and parties – an impossible triangle he cannot escape.


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