BLOODHYPE ‘Violent Heart’ : For emotional impacts, delight with aromatic shimmer.


Sexy. Decadent. Eye-brow raising. Invigorating in the most tactile. The digital synth-pop wave outfit, BLOODHYPE, topically shifts us from this dimension to the next. And as the perforation for emotional impacts, delight with aromatic shimmer.

The video also sees Sofia Salvo join the band – so naturally, it feels like the saxophonist from Buenos Aires has always been in BLOODHYPE – adding another distorted silhouette and an extra nod to their favorite decade.

Summer 2020 will bring their debut album ‘Modern Eyes’, a collection of tracks recorded in spaces across Berlin, from the legendary Hansa Studios down to dark underground practice rooms in Kreuzberg.

BLOODHYPE is a Berlin-based, musical gang of: Elmar Weyland, Erik Laser, Matt Mueller, and Christopher Kohl. They released their first EP in 2018, which received over 2 million streams across all platforms.

The trend continues.


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