Bloody Beach – Au Revoir

Bloody Beach’s Au Revoir is a lo-fi, burst in your mouth, festival of weirdness – and truth. It’s the clear seeking eye of a mackerel you’ve just caught, on the cutting board, pleading, but the impending future of the fish, is nye.

Slice, dice, chop, scrape.

Dinner is ready!

The reason for the analogy is that the song is “psychotic”. To explain further, it is a “psycho’s” trip into the deep blue Pacific Ocean, on battery acid.. without the stomach ache.

The song trips one up. The song helps one stand back up… then trip ’em again.

What a prick!

This Norwegian delicacy served is on a gaudy white plate with hand drawn flower paintings. The lyrics are lost in the colors of the ‘flower paintings’ on that dish. But the guts.. oh boy, the guts… which are the main course of the dish, is well done and delicious.

So. Let’s slice, dice, chop, scrape – that flavorful mackerel. It’s pleading still ‘don’t kill me’.

Alas, it’s not to be. It’s got to be digested.

Digest, Bloody Beach.

You’ll dig it.


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