bloody white ‘first time’ : Fearlessness driven by hooks of refreshing and exciting sounds.

bloody white

‘first time’ is the third single to be released from bloody white’s forthcoming debut EP “you’d walk right over me’ set to be released September 9.

“first time’ is about a lot of things”, says bloody white. I wrote it initially about the first time with the girl that I loved. Sonically, it encapsulates the feeling that a lot of my favorite movie scores give me, especially the ending, which I wanted to be the climax of that moment,” said bloody white.

The feeling of that final chorus manifests in a very cinematic way, while lyrically it reveals the need for more love and attention – a reflection that many have experienced this whole last year.

“The first time i could hardly move, it’s like the first time and i don’t know what to do, and you just pause time, and you lose yourself inside my breath, now don’t lie, know that you won’t stop at nothing left.” lyrics from ‘first time’

By trial and error, his distinct samples reflect fearlessness driven by hooks of refreshing and exciting sounds.


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