Blue Frequency ‘The Light Is Taking Me to Pieces’ : Surges with irreverent but compelling thrust and ambitions.

Blue Frequency

Debut album ‘Person to Person’ is a smorgasbord of emo and progressive rock, brought to you by a quartet from Raleigh, North Carolina.

Eric Heames, Causey Brady, Lee Roberts, and Spencer Beck makes humidor exquisite, raw marches with ‘The Light Is Taking Me to Pieces’. With an inching clench of teeth grinding angst, the ol’ school exuberance of indie rock, surges with irreverent but compelling thrust and ambitions.

It’s a fabulous experience, both radical and cemented, where music is live and alive for all to hear and absorb.

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i rush ordered 50 cds to get them delivered two days before our album release show which never happened. now that i’ve gotten sick of moving this box every time i need to get into my closet, i’ve decided to start shipping them out to anyone who still likes Physical Media. it has high quality printed artwork from myself and @sarababin and marginally better audio quality than streaming services. if you would like to support us while we can’t do anything else you can buy one for 10 U.S. Dollars shipped. if only five people buy these we will have made more money from this than everything we’ve gotten from streaming services over the past three years! cool! our dms are open… i’ll be waiting…

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