Blue Gremlin ‘The Gremlin’ : Righteousness that is pre-symptomatic to joy.

Blue Gremlin

Blue Gremlin is the solo project of Harry Boxall, who writes earnest music about everything from: mental illness, loss, and a tumultuous past with drugs.

’The Gremlin’ is about a nasty drug habit he had a couple of years ago. Everything was getting riskier; he had no boundaries and he became proud of outdoing himself – Drugs were his #1 hobby and he wanted to be the best at them.

Harry wrote the chorus during the peak of that period – blacked out. Finishing it was the first thing he did sober and it was his way of making a bridge into the next period of his life.

From real existence, is the real music that comes forth. In ‘The Gremlin’, Harry’s extension for what is reasonable and calibrated, consumes in the folds of the song. It’s what catches the righteousness that is pre-symptomatic to joy. That is what ‘The Gremlin’ is.

And should be.


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