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BLUE J Shares ‘Hard to Know’. Her Beauty Made My World Swirl.

The radio was turned up in the car we drove, and then the hit of deer came on the highway with a bang in the woods. The day’s morning was foggy with newly developed dew, with the freshness of the kill, in the silence of the meadows. We drove up the hill made of asphalt, black and lifeless, then down that same asphalt, to another hill in the horizon. The countryside in these parts was beautiful and so honest. With the hint of melrose, and the surrender of the cities, we left behind.

The gun fire of hunters in heat, faced with the animal life in front, they all made it a death sentence of light and orange.

BANG. Scatter.

BANG. Scatter.

There was no resistance.

We drove away from the season of necessary death, and it was a certainty. We’d been a visitor in this holy of human habits.

She had me ‘killed’, as her beauty made my world swirl.

As the radio was turned up in the car we drove, as she uncocked her rifle of love.

In early August Vancouver band BLUE J will debut with their EP of shoegaze/garage-pop cavalcade of sounds. Should be a fun experience for all.



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