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Blue Painted Flag Shares ‘Butterfly Ground Sunday’ Irradiates The Every-Day And Crushes Our Notions.

BLUE PAINTED FLAG is a mystery to us at the moment. As of now we only know that there is one artist associated with BPF, and he/she is from the city of beautiful Stockholm City, Sweden. And of course, the artist is a secretive indie-rock artist, who plays acoustic as well.

That’s not too much to go on.

However, we have this single ‘Butterfly Ground Sunday’. It’s an interesting prospect from this performer.

It’s an acoustic guitar driven song, with ballad-like strides riding on the gumption of the tinge of late 90’s power-rock pop essences, which color the vast expanses of the lyrics, presented.

We might be reading too much into it.

But we’ll know for sure when we know more about the artist, at a later time.

We hope so, in any case.



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