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Blue Realization // Vintage Bones // Waker Glass // Superheart // TOLEDO

Blue Realization – Keen Attention

‘Keen Attention’ is BLUE REALIZATION’s expression of “beauty of infinite consciousness in a form of indie music.” Oscar Ota’s solo project emanates from his core. His beliefs of grandeur of the small to the large; intentions of “love and light” – simultaneously peak with the odd and the unconventional. This is the world where BLUE REALIZATION lives and thrives. The psyche-rock based transitions rattle your sensibilities to a pile of shattered glassware. Tempted to touch, afraid of cutting – you keep on the road to new experiences. That is where YOU live. Oscar wants to travel that road with you.

Vintage Bones – For The Wicked

With passionate callings into the night, VINTAGE BONES’ single ‘For The Wicked’ rouses the senses, with delectable guitar and keys to call on the gods of love to pass. With tinge of 90’s rnb/pop vibes, mixed with the irresistible 80’s radio-rock attributions, ‘For The Wicked’ keeps the love real. This is a follow up to his first single ‘Regret And Nostalgia’, where “the goal was to blend genres and eras within the style and music while still keeping poetic lyrics and creative basslines,” stated VB. But we know it’s more than that. So much more.

Waker Glass – Rose Garden

“Look out for that cowbell in the second verse!” is what WAKER GLASS recommended. We did. And this nu-new-wave ensemble brings a delightful combination of Alex Lifeson-like guitar fuzz, with the raucous fab-ness of The Police. But it’s all managed in ta way of maintaining the ultra-modern stakes for song construction, so that, listeners like us, don’t forget that it’s all about having fun. And boy, does this song sure do want to have fun. This song emits the sun-rays of the tropics to a beautiful upturn of our lips, revealing sides of ourselves that we’d never known before. ‘Rose Garden’ brings that jam and we’re keen to dance and hollar about its goodness, all over the place. No description can justify the ‘fun’ in this song, so we all just listen and dance; dance and listen. Simple as can be, don’t you think?

Superheart – Talk About It

There’s no place to hide with your emotions when SUPERHEART plays. ‘Talk About It’ is the single from this fantastic group which brings cosmic harmonies to the fore. With strength of story and quick wit counter arguments, the lyrics of ‘Talk About It’ wrangles the horns of classic relationship-based challenges. Communication, knowledge, methods of resistance, and acclamation to the realness of love – all encompass the corners of this single, heightening our awareness to our faults and limitations. But limitations give spice, and in this 3D world, our ever yearning hearts seek the excitement that we’d hoped for since our birth. ‘Talk About It’ is an enchanting single.

TOLEDO – Qué Pasa?

TOLEDO’s debut album ‘HotStuff’ will drop March 2019. That’s this year, and you better be ready. And the Daniel Alvarez and Jordan Dunn-Pilz lead band talks about reminiscing about the act of examining current relationship with loved ones, a song like ‘Qué Pasa?’ emerges. In fact the song is about Daniel’s relationship with his father, and their inherently unique, but familiar connection. Empathy, inquisitiveness, rapture, the ups-&-downs mark any worthy relationship. And guess our familial relationships is a main part, whether we like it or not. Daniel and TOLEDO knows this, and says that “it’s okay. We get you.” We get you too. The gentle sweeps of ‘Qué Pasa?’ is a dreamy walk down that causeway in your heart. Let’s walk together.


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