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Bluechew // Vitakari // D.Anonymous // Mitchell James // Cammy-Kun

Bluechew – Just Cut The Check For Me

Like any business, we’d all want cash versus check. Just the name of the game. Any game. There’s less steps to gaining the kind of monetary leverage a quick injection of cash that can’t fix. Checks are just a bit slow and during that time, it could bounce, if it’s a fraudulent conduit. BLUECHEW knows that fact well. It’s the obvious that sometimes people just don’t see. Cash still rules, because the full weight of the U.S. treasury supports it (and a big portion of the world’s economies depend on the U.S. greenbacks’ promise in the market). Too much ‘Financial Times’ feel to this write up? You’re right, but ‘Just Cut The Check For Me’ brought up the subject, and we’re IN with Bluechew’s philosophy. The aggression in the presentation is top notch and ol’ school. A style that is right up our monetary alley. So, we suggest you pay attention and listen to this diggable single.

Vitakari – Walk In Style Feat. Slim Guerilla (Prod. Yung Traccfone)

VITAKARI is a bad-ass gal. You don’t do anything for her. You’re putty in her fingers; dripping down to the floor like a sack of nothing. Attitude? Heck yea. And that’s where she comes into play. With no remorse, no looking back, no hesitation, VITAKARI’s single ‘Walk In Style’ (featuring Slim Guerilla) is as brilliant as the skeevy raunch from Peaches. It’s the thick haze of VITAKARI’s style that is massive. And the jerking but smooth undercarriage of the song, makes quick work of your transcendental continentalism – vaping into your skin – diluting your prior consciousness and notions. The artist describes her music as: “making a collage with sound.” We just think her music is unique, engaging, radical, and delicious. Word.

D.Anonymous – KD

It is an everyday discussion within many of us. Work, existence, sports, life – a common list of points in our lives that is a constant drive to attain. But it’s all good. For D.ANONYMOUS’ single ‘KD’, the mvp-like lyrics, swished around the edges of marching band ecstasies, qualify in subtle aggression of thought and embellishment. There’s just no way of denying the goodness. There’s just no way of feeling the story of our lives. D.ANONYMOUS would recommend we get with it and just forge forward. Get ‘MVP’.

Mitchell James – Directions, Pt. 2

No second guessing. We love rap like this. It’s just very affable. It’s relatable. It’s just what we rap, when dreaming. The cloud haze of the lyrics are accommodated by the fabulously odd-ball music video. And it’s gold. MITCHELL JAMES is a rapper from Fresno, California. He works at the US Navy. And his chill but intense lyrical works, makes hiphop feel good. 90’s sound? Yes. Message about positivity? Yes. Listening while eating breakfast at the kitchen table, looking forward to a great new month? Heck yes. We all should feel this grand.

Cammy-Kun Feat Kazz Miller & Shiloh – Controlled

“My demons look at me and say…” The combination of CAMMY-KUN, KAZZ MILLER, & SHILOH is just too delicious. Very airy, to listen to, and when the baton is passed from each artist through the single, it’s different degrees of waves hitting your senses. The chorus is poignant and sonically, very much cosmic in its aesthetics. After he made up his mind to be a musician/rapper/producer, CAMMY-KUN put out his first EP ‘Limited Options’ and before you know it 2018 came about with fresh flow reflecting off of his words. And we’re glad he’s on this track in life, for we all need this kind of innovative and fresh affection. Never too early or too late to get into C-K. Just get in and


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