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Blume // Colored In // Shaylee // Ludvig The Band // Gray Hawken

Blume – Rewind

“Hi there, My name is Arthur Bennell and I play in a one man Post-Punk/Shoegaze band called Blume from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. It is a project I started back in 2015 and I just released some new music that I would like to submit to you. On October 4th Blume put out an EP called ‘Days Go By’. It is a 5 track release that builds off a similar vibe to the previous ‘Wash Away’ EP released earlier this year. The new EP was written and recorded over July and August in a spare bedroom downtown Edmonton.” For all we can tell, Arthur loves exotic beer, Big Al, music, and the vibes that come off the condensation of vibes. Creativity is the context of Blume’s existence, now and into that unforeseen future. But Arthur is okay with that. For the unknown means there will be both happiness and sadness that will enthrall and exasperate his sensibilities. And all of that means that he can live. Living through the emotions, in this normal world, is the texture that he looks forward to. We think he’s onto something.

Colored In – Teech & Reed & Feer @ The Colored Inn

Screeching instruments, glitched out synths, hot chip vibrations, habitable vocal taunts – the outfit Colored In is a Brooklyn duo’s project that shouldn’t be in existence. In this dimension at least. The project consisting of manic depressive harmonies, and unadulterated banal delights, manifest in this circus-like big-top atmosphere that is colorfully primary but dauntingly egregious in sound, at the same time. It’s the sound of song that just makes you eager to be urgent; and urgent to be psychedelic. Common now. Only you can try and find out.

Shaylee – Back2U

Unique up and coming artist, Shaylee, is a brave young women using her art to discuss her transition into young adulthood, issues there-of, and mental illness. Shaylee is the brainchild of Elle Archer, a transfemme multi-instrumentalist and prolific singer-songwriter. Her songs are multi-layered, densely emotive affairs with wide-ranging influences, a homespun and energetic sound she calls power pop punk. Elle’s work is an enigmatic obsession. With the contrast of her vibrantly baritone vocals, up against the brutality of subtleties in her arrangements, the pop rock insinuations in ‘Back2U’ is a perfect level of naughty and cheeky premises. It’s life damn it, and it’s harsh and fun and everything in between. As Elle navigates through this minefield of juxtapositions and enigmas, we wonder with her, whether it’s all worth getting so hurt by the process? We think Elle would say, there’s nothing sweet, if there’s not some bitterness to heighten the taste. So, let’s all rock on. See her at her album release show @ No Fun, Portland Oregon, October 26th.

Ludvig The Band – Last Minute Sun

Ludvig The Band was formed by composer and songwriter Truls Ludvig Johnsen (Tuba Tuba, Kåre K Trio) in the summer of 2011. Ludvig The Band plays a mix of orchestrated pop, progressive rock, folk and lo-fi indie. With a combination of the grandiose and minimalistic, Ludvig plays around with his strong and charismatic vocals, resulting in an unafraid and genuine intimacy. Soaring and partaking of the blue skies parted, ‘Last Minute Sun’ is a grand example of pop hard-rock from the ol’, with the vibrant guitar driven effervescence that seemingly only Ludvig’s vocals can pull off. It’s engaging, it’s purposeful, it’s of the summer that lives forever in your mind and heart. See Ludvig next @ Oslo Camping, on October 18th.

Gray Hawken – **event horizon**

Self produced and self recorded by Gray- a member of the Locals only sound collective, this song was mixed on the same console that recorded legendary songs like Stairway to Heaven, and artists such as Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix. Said Gray: “The concept for this song (as the title suggests) was comparing two people to a black hole. Two people intertwined, passed the point of no return (the event horizon) and have become destructively inseparable.” Multi-instrumentalist and prominent Toronto based producer and part of the Locals Only Sound collective, Gray Hawken’s first debut project premieres. Self produced and written, with the help of the famous helios centric helios mixing console, and infamous mastering house Abbey Road Studios, this project came to be.


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