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Blushing Boy Shares ‘Consumer’. “Dark-shimmer…wields themselves.”

BLUSHING BOY is a quintet from Dublin. Ella Naseeb is the starting core of this succulent apple of flavor and forceful radiance of music. The hard truths, score at the center of Ella’s songwriting as it comes close to the edges, with scouring gazes, nail biting hedonism, and sometimes impenetrable valiance to cunning.

‘Consumer’ is a dark-shimmer of a single that boasts a brooding baritone of Ella, and of course her distinct lyrics. ‘Power and disaffection’ wields themselves in a wrap of deliciousness, while the slow roasting by the fire pit, crusts the outer skin of your listening pleasure.

“It’s a hymn for the overworked, underpaid independent thinkers out there.”

Don’t worry. It’s natural to be sucked in by Ella’s voice.

You’re not the only one.

The band is completed by: Sean McManamon, Hannah Hiemstra, Caoimhe Hopkinson, and Eoin Butterfield.



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