Bo Baskoro ‘Love You Now’ : Consistently trying to push the envelope in himself and his sound,.

Bo Baskoro

While spending time in Los Angeles, Bo Baskoro was mentored by artists like Denny White (Tiesto’s ‘Don’t Hide Your Light’) and Aaron Andersen(OneRepublic’s “Burning Bridges”), learning and experiencing the music scene with the intention of bringing all of it back up to The Pacific Northwest and creating his own sound and learning how to become his own musician in his home town.

“’Love You Now’ is about the one who got away and about those nights that you canʼt fall asleep because youʼre kept awake by the thoughts of how you would have done things differently and finally being honest with yourself and your responsibility in the end, Knowing that if you had the chance to reconcile you would do it all right this time.”

Bo is a Singer/Songwriter from Portland, Oregon. As an artist consistently trying to push the envelope in himself and his sound.

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My hair’s much longer now.

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