Board of Bandits ‘Dystopia’ : Dreamy vocals, intrinsically relevant lyrics, dynamically serrated.

Board Of Bandits / Photo: Ola Bernéli

“I love strong melodies and compositions. Joni Mitchell is one of my biggest influences to whom I always return to… Naked acoustic singer songwriting combined with dreamy sounds.”

Dreamy vocals, intrinsically relevant lyrics, dynamically serrated by the thoughts and dreams of the sound – the sounds from Board Of Bandits is a Malmö Sweden based band tears your heart out in this single, as the recluse of the one who’s isolated is beautifully depicted through the solemn and beautiful.

In the best tradition of Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Sigor Ros, identifiably gorgeous, in the modern simplicity in defining the complex. ‘Against The Wall’ is a return single after their 2018 album ‘When The Storm Comes’.


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