Bobby Dancer ‘Movie Scene’ : As the weight of the world – nay – of your world, slowly dissipate into maddening precursors.

Bobby Dancer

Like a picture love of scenes in memorial, you daydream through the sunlit Sunday of nostalgia and smiles. It warms your shoulders, as the weight of the world – nay – of your world, slowly dissipate into maddening precursors.

Love theme, you can say. Bobby Dancer’s ‘Movie Scene’ is love, in all of its ways – complex and simple. Decadent and lively. Consorting and deserving.

Said Bobby: ”I wrote ‘Movie Scene’ on one of many sleepless nights processing a break up, and that surreal setting made it feel like that cliché where you imagine you’re in a movie, so it very literally became a ‘Movie Scene’. At the time it felt cheesy which was therapeutic in itself but the song turned into something meaningful and pretty in the end”

A wistful fulfillment, comes to life in this majestic of dreams. A vanilla sky of involvement and angst, fill the room’s air, in manicured decree and potpourri multi-colored stigmas. A profound inhalation, that cries in the night – forge new experiences, as daylight of that very Sunday of your nostalgia, bleed into summation.

”Releasing my first song, ‘Granny Smith’, was so intense and scary, but at the same time it felt so right,” added Bobby. “I’m still emotional from hearing about the way my music has moved others. I was hoping the message and the story behind it would reach a couple of listeners, but I never could’ve imagined this response.

Beautiful and mysterious, ‘Movie Scene’ is a lustful involvement of all that is sensory.

Special single, from Bobby to your ever longing vision of love.


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