Bobby Renz ‘Dream’ : He’d got the itch to do his own thang. We think he’s on to something.

Bobby Renz

Bobby Renz’ most recent work includes co-production and mixing credits for Ronnie K’s ‘8 Weeks’, the single ‘Dissolve’ with Felicia Douglass (of the Dirty Projectors) with group Lip Set, plus he’s produced for hip hop acts like Houston rapper Fat Tony and the Bay’s Richie Cunning, Ricky Lake, WADE08 and Tia Nomore.

But then he’d got the itch to do his own thang. His angelic side chided that it wouldn’t work. This more deviously innovative, devil in him, wanted out of this suit and explode into that opportunity to explore.

So, the story of Bobby Renz the artist, continues with ‘Dream’.

Stepping outside of this mostly hip hop realm and into a new genre, Bobby Renz is embarking into seemingly uncharted territory on his path as a solo artist. Bobby is set to prove that he’s a seasoned and well-rounded producer as a new solo artist, transitioning effortlessly from producing hop hop artists in the studio to creating groovy, languid indie rock at his home studio in this time of self isolation.

Groovy gumption, yo.

We think he’s on to something.


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