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Bodi Bill – Kiss Operator

Fabian Fenk, Anton Feist and Alex Stolze make up this DIY, experimental, prog, electro conglomerate of sounds named BODI BILL. And as Fabian stated: “I think helping each other to shape one’s life creatively is an important motivation for making music. In the best case, the music should bear witness to this. Not to stroke egos, but simply to get to know like-minded people. And to make cool shit together.” Honorable. But that is exactly what has happened with their outputs. The relevant philosophy behind such a friendship and subsequent desire to explore and gain musical knowledge, defines the crux of the project. And in ‘Kiss Operator’ they continue to mount a charge at the at premise, and challenges their own habits in making original constructions. The dings of battle with notes and palisades of pre-conceived notions, forge a relationship in continuing to strengthen such endeavors – for the better, and for the betterment of their listening fans. And when you think about it, what else is more important?

Other Ways – Tokyo Gallow

From the depths of what ails you, you scream. You scream for ice-devil screams. That scream is provided by OTHER WAYS. It soothes you in your desperate fevered times, under your sheets, freezing. Quenched by the unadulterated orgasm of dependable shouts in truth, you heave a deep sigh of relief. The pelting of the raw and naked energies from ‘Tokyo Gallow’ delivers the final blow and exorcises the devil within. The heat of your skin mount an offense to the armies at bay. Your eyes are ready to eat the upcoming dead, and is ready to spit the vestiges of the unimportant within your life. The fever reaches 103 degrees, and you are set free. Free to be you once more, to conform to none; to conform to all, if you wished it to be. The surreal howl, beckons and wakes; the deep sorrows quake at your mercy, and shrivel to the child of once was. Bet the gang in OTHER WAYS never knew they were exorcists, eh? Their 2nd EP ‘Most Forgettable’ is available now.

Brass Box – DDM

Ammo Bankoff, Neil Popkin, Matt Bennett, and Pablo Amador, heads the BRASS BOX project. And in ‘DDM’, a gothic and shoegazy trance of a single, Ammo delivers her vocal prominence with unimpeded and understated vigor, through the lyrical mechanisms and commentaries. The success of this single comes at the expense of traditionalism and vapid trends, as it slowly burns into the gamut of residual longings for the here and now; then of the there and forever more. Dark and brooding, the black becomes gray as it shades open the intrinsically secret, but born of emotional amenities we all can relate. Professionally collaborating since 2013, Ammo and Neil continues to take down the norms and re-constructs their plane of visions, identically highlighting and improving the sonic experience.

MOYOGI – Get Lost

Pavel Trencsík heads MOYOGI. With pen in hand, he writes. And as his experiences flow through into concrete solvencies of dreams and nostalgia, songs like ‘Get Lost’ compels your senses to the tragedies, in micro seconds. Happy and go lucky, but without the traction of such pretense of overt shimmer, MOYOGI delights with apropos relevance to the subject at hand. The Budapest, Hungary based rock band delves in and out of several sub-genres to tell the tales of the ins and outs of the environments, touched and experienced in their lives. Throughout 2019 the band will be releasing a song every month.

Sara Lew – Does Anybody Listen

SARA LEW is Sara Lewis Sørensen. She’s an art piece. She’s a beautifully made nature of subtleties. “To say, to say no..” irrevocably trance your senses into compartments of the mind, with guidance as succulent as poetry spouted from the mountain tops. “We pack, leave it all behind..” while the snows of the wicked heart is dowsed with sprinkles of water and emotional relativity. Gravity of Sara’s lyrics are astonishing, in their succinctness while it packs a big punch from each and every word. The Copenhagen Denmark based singer/songwriter delves into the mundane and of the complex with equal dexterity in telling that story; of that moment, and of her mindset. The textures of her singing voice, uniquely anchors with brutal understatements, as it silently crushes its deep rooted impalements, rightfully through your soul. Sara brings the best of traditions expressed by alt-pop and alt-folk devices that simply compels. See her perform at SPOT Festival (May 4th) and at Pumpehuset (August 16th).

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