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boerd // Yasuyuki Uesugi // Code Elektro // Audio Entity // Daniel Armstrong

boerd – Look

boerd will release his debut album with Anjunadeep on 3rd December and is carving his own unique path in electronic music fusing classical undertones with downtempo electronica. The Swedish producer, who is a classically trained musician performing as part of the Royal Swedish Opera and as a member of Andrea Boceill’s orchestra. boerd (real name Bard) moonlights as an electronic producer signed to London’s infamous Anjunadeep. The project boerd is the work of Bård Ericson, and delivers with systematic infractions of the best kind.

Yasuyuki Uesugi – Extinction

Off of album ‘Birth And Disappearance’, Yasuyuki Uesugi’s alternative Universe perseveres in ‘Extinction’. In its vital self, the single is a solitary vision of a concoction for the fetal cross roads of our minds. A heart that beats, where the size doesn’t negate the power for life that it exudes. Just like the unborn, that’s getting ready for the years of outside existence, it propels with enthusiasm, even though there’s nothing that can guarantee its success. So, it beats, and beats, and beats the body and mind to serve, the best it can.

Code Elektro – Under the Dark Moonlight

Under the lights of the glowing darkness, the proud and proliferating vibes of the son of sin, slithers out of its slumber to gather its prey once more. ‘Under The Dark Moonlight’ is a part of the Halloween themed EP ‘The Halloween Tracks Vol. 1’. The horror movies from that era had a very distinctive sound. One of the reasons behind this was that the directors (like John Carpenter: Halloween, The Fog, Assault on Precinct 13) often wrote their own haunting synthesizer-based soundtracks – this was due to limited budgets, the development of synthesizers but it also gave them creative control in a new way. This gave the movies a very strange and otherworldly atmosphere. Code Elektro is Martin. He’s a fan. Now, we all can be a fan of Code Elektro.

Audio Entity – Safety

Rapturous build. Construction of personal conviction. Audio Entity is a classic throwback exercise of EDM rationality and musical presumptions. Of the 00’s the resounding strength of the key work and its allotted chords, prescribe a notion for an art, in waves, deserving of the decadence in emotional longing. Cry with the versions in credence, for we’re on our way to salvation – of a Universal sort. Sanctimonious, and riveting at the same time, the gentle pull of ‘Safety’ is a welcome respite.

Daniel Armstrong – The Journey

On this planet, the lights are not as plain as the forest of Earth. We have been secluded by the crash of our emotions. Liquid and barren, the surface of the planet is both hard and easy to comprehend. But it makes us curious, and it’s making us mad. Mad for the ‘plain-ness’ of Earth, our once hated fellow human beings, and the faces of our loved ones, we’d never expressed the love that we could have. Regrets are the disparities we’ve found on this new planet. As well that we’re stuck here. Will we at least make the best of our own small and secluded existence now? Will we appreciate it as we should? Thoughtful and conscious, ‘The Journey’ is delightfully mixed by DJ Khing Nashae. A collab that just works.


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