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Boleyn // Wes Anderson // Keon Masters // Elias Boussnina // Blew

Boleyn – re: 21

“Each verse deals with a specific anxiety; alcohol, old friends, mental health, drugs and hook-up culture,” said BOLEYN. “I remember sitting at home in my early twenties one night, with my guitar in hand, and thinking ‘Taylor Swift lied!’ she has her song 22’, right? Well I was in my twenties and wasn’t having any fun. I was going out with friends and having anxiety attacks in the club, waking up next to strangers and feeling empty and in general, feeling like I wasn’t living my life properly. So, instead of writing a party anthem about being young and not giving a fuck, I wrote what felt like the truth of my years as a young adult”. The 23 year old law school warns of his impending existence with ‘re: 21’. Life is too hard sometimes; where everything just seems to have zero flavor. Even if full of activities, might be the most lonesome of times. Who knows. But we an relate, right? The fullest calendar in life is lived through in proxy, no one can be trusted, your emotions have become callous. Cold. How can life be ‘over’ already?

Wes Anderson – Many Ways feat Duke Sims & Kosha Dillz

WES ANDERSON wanted us to know that: “As time has passed, the itch to carve my own path and put out the music I’ve always wanted to became irresistible. Something 100% true to my style and diverse taste in music. With that, I am now releasing singles under my own name covering a wide range of styles and featuring talented guest musicians on each track. Every song starts with just my guitar and me. Through collaborations, the song then takes a new life of its own.” Wes is an artist whom loves what he does and shows it so well in his play and through his glow. The genuine appreciation for what he’s doing is evident in the kinds of genres he tackles and invites. The fascinatingly fun and intriguing single ‘Many Ways’ has collaborators Duke Sims (Vocals), Kosha Dillz (Vocals), and Donald Spangler (Drums) working with Wes to produce this offering. The project is a gem and a big smile, to boot.

Keon Masters – Feel Nuthin’

KEON MASTERS is your remedy for the summer blues. If you had the blues of course. If not, ‘Feel Nuthin’ is still your ticket to that glorious beach of your mind’s eye. A Peter Gabriel-esque trip down the tropics, this single with mixed synth and guitar deliciousness, Keon’s sense of humor and respect for love is right there on his musical sleeves. Keon said: “There’s starting over and there’s starting over…and I’m very fortunate that I’m enduring the prior and not the latter.” His solo debut of ‘Many Thanks’ is a “smooth and spazzy pop gem of 8 tracks that clocks in at a cool 28 minutes. Keon added: “I never really wanted to go ‘solo’ but here I am, and I think it’s pretty dope.” The Charleston SC native a trip of a lifetime, where the 29 year old does his best to drive some emotional and sarcastic “poke” at himself and his experiences. The solo effort is his big dedication to his new life as a married man, with new responsibilities and promises that he’s bound to accomplish. A lovely send off to a past chapter, which is still a big part of his, future of even more smiles and happiness.

Elias Boussnina – Closer

Feeling like love has bloomed. That’s the vibe ELIAS BOUSSNINA’s single ‘Closer’ gives off. The decadent aroma of the love that lovers give. Elias said: “After releasing my debut EP ‘Shameboy’ I wanted to make a more positive track and step away from the melancholy. I’ve been listening to a lot of inspirational guitar-based music like Fleetwood Mac and wanted to incorporate more organic elements into my music. I made ‘Closer’ in Sweden together with Canto. It’s a very personal track that is close to my heart, inspired by the incredible women in my life; my mom, sister and girlfriend. Their warmth and strength made the track feel like summer.” Elias grew up listening to hiphop and American soul, influencing his musical tastes. After his conclusion with the project Yung Coke, he now continues the similar dynamics under his real name with the kind of energy that has never left his side. Elias will be playing Denmark’s Wonderfestiwall in August.

Blew – June 15th

Said BLEW: “Me and my girlfriend’s 2 year anniversary was on June 15th, so I decided to do something different and write her a song. It tells the story of how we met, how I feel, and how we’re doing.” There are times when words don’t describe enough of the love that exists between two souls. But sometimes, it is the exact and appropriate way to show the world how it is so. We’ll let BLEW’s verse for ‘June 15th explain. LYRICS: “Well I met u in the mall about mid June. U were workin’ I was on a lazy afternoon. Shades on wit the tooth pic left side, only there cuz I was givin’ lil bro a ride. Trippin’ n stumbling baby girl u so cute. Saw my shot n said fuck it man let’s shoot. Got the snapchat cuz numbers is the old game, get u in my own frame no way u bout to ghost me. Then I took u out to see Wonder Woman, had no idea that soon enough I would call u my woman. Ur taste in music n intellect was exciting to see, most of these bitches nowadays they never impressin’ me..” Love of a lifetime, needs a commitment of a lifetime. BLEW’s girl is lucky. BLEW is lucky. Let’s keep on.


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