Bolivar Shares ‘Time For Life (Note To Self)’. Honesty, Simplicity, Bravery – He’s Looking To Fulfill.

Musicians are artists, and have many different angles and sides to their personalities and expressions. And it’s not any different for BOLIVAR (Ole Halvard Sveen), a hard-rocker who’s played with bands like Mantric, Extol, Lengsel, Happy Dagger and Tim’s Familytree. It’s not about exploring a softer side for the sake of doing so. But exploring with the new folds in what’s happening in a person’s life, new situations, new mentality, and incorporating new growth in philosophies during this fleeting time in our existence.

Either way, for us listeners, we get to (in a very tiny sliver) look into the psyche of an artist. It’s their way of expressing to the public, about their private domain.

‘Time For Life (Note To Self)’ seems to be that inner exploration. At least the start of, or a good exposition. And we at CHF dig these kinds of projects, for, we are as well human and sometimes are vulnerable, private, and public – all at the same time.

“But this is, obviously, the way I sound when on my own. And simply put – this song is meant to make the listener breathe, and to walk slowly through this summer with open eyes.” – Sveen

First single released June 2018, and from his correspondence to us, seems very excited, but nervous – about his new addition to his career, and for the messages he’s been trying to make public for a long time.

Well, at least that’s how we interpret it.

The single is a good one, for its honesty, simplicity, and exploration of bravery.


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