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Bollard – Wes no is

Off of their latest EP ‘Beware Of The Atto Fox’, BOLLARD comes with ‘Wes no is’. The single is a brooding incumbent of combat ready vibes and aggressive understatements. The Australian band combines raw instrumentation, with diabolic lyrics to present the frame of insistence. The vocals cast shadows to the notions that don’t judge with constructive ambitions, then drops at the chorus, with unapologetic ambience. Head shook. Heart stirred. This kind of rock, rocks.

FELICITY GROOM – Backwards Forwards

Poetic in depth. Pop, with rhythm and off the beaten path. But oh so poignant. Indeed. That’s what FELICITY GROOM is to us, as the listeners. “There’s sounds of outside life woven into in this dream pop tune. The melody flew in the window of my car while driving from one thing to another. Imagine cats in roller-skates. Life can sometimes feel like that. Then there’ll be that one little thing that makes the rest of the crap melt away with the effect of a reverse ice cream. Driving is a big place for melodies to pop into my head… sometimes it’s a tad hard to capture them… and they fly out the window just as quickly as they flew in. This one I caught.” The single ‘Backwards Forwards’ is off of the upcoming third album ‘Magnetic Resonance Centre’. Dare to try a different way? Let Felicity guide you.


Dark dream-pop outfit from London. PINERO|SERENE is a teaching in our everyday valient efforts to survive. Moody soundscapes deliberate for the judgement, and then pops back into the dimension with hot fire and visions for a future. Your future. Your affection. Your fascinations. ‘The Fall’ is off of the available EP ‘Dark Matter’. The 4 track EP starts with a case for the unapproachable secrets of all of us. Then the journey ends with soothing and anthemic grit in high octane dark rock. Just like P|S intended and what we listeners deserve.

FYE & FENNEK – Better Lover

FYE said: “The song is a dialogue between a strong woman, and a man who are trying to find a way to come together on equal footing. The man is somewhat hesitant of the woman’s strength and a little unsure.” Effort is at the quest of the protagonists. Different and independent both, but they know what love is, and what love can be for them. So, in that light of fact and logic, they do their best to walk towards the land of uncertainty of high returns or unfettered possible disappointments. But it’s all worth it. We think ‘Better Lover’ by F&F are the bee’s knees and is how a story can be told with absolute modernity in effect. Oh, and we think ‘seeking for love’ is worth it too. Better have tried, then never had felt the beauty.

Villa Coola – Tru Luv Magazine

VILLA COOLA is a songwriter. A producer, An artist. A purveyor of the thoughts into actual reality. Gehrig Miller is the project’s head and heart. The Los Angeles based Chicago raised artist is in it to win it. Win what you ask? He’s here to win the prize to be the best and most truest of what he can be. As a human being and an artist professing such vibes. You can’t ignore any of the charm Gehrig brings. From over arching tensions in his angst, to the well defined symmetry of his arrangement, the amazing vibes are glorious to feel. Dig it, indeed.


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